The urgent creation of All-World Intellectual Web Resource


An idea proposed by Dr. Vladimir Tretiakov (Belarus)
for Global Ideas Bank


For Global Ideas Bank, there is not and may not be more global idea than that to unite intelligent people of whole world for
global problems decisions. Question is here about urgent creation of All-World Intellectual Web Resource integrating newly
created web intellectual resources with the available ones.


Ground of the idea.

1. All human civilization had been created owing the brainwork of those who are now called intelligentsia, intelligent people.
Just because of it, they might consider as their historical mission to elaborate the strategy of existence and development
of the humankind, the strategy what might minimize threats of civilizations extermination and self-extermination, being
corrected then "in course of the life".

2. Cybernetic principle of the effective control being applied to whole humankind as a controlled system quite admits
a controlling system on the level of a global union of intelligentsia.

3. Creation of such the World Intellect, or Global Mind, being considered in the framework of "organism--social organism",
"brain--social brain" parallelism, is in correspondence as well with a through process of cephalization at the filogenetical
development of animals, manifesting in heads isolation and head brains forming.

4. People have brains realizing their thinking, behavior, planning the future. States have for similar goals social brains, i.e.
governments. Till now, there is nothing like on the level of whole humankind. Our civilization, as if being brainless, is living
in millennia "how it is turned out", with no concordance with any strategic ideas or plans. Not surprising that so many
negative events had happened already and will happen and so many threats are overhanging us till now.

5. More than 20 centuries ago ancient Roman dramatist Tytus Plavt proclaimed: "All clever people should be in mutual
relations". Then, it had been good wish only. Now, the global intellect, owing Internet and other communication

facilities, appears more and more realized.


The ideas topicality.

1. Till middle 20th century, to propose an idea on global intellects creation would be premature, as, first, there
were not threats of existence for whole human race before then, i.e. there was no necessity to mobilize all
intellectual forces of the planet; second, there was no information and technical base for such the intellectual

2.   Intervals between early 20th and early 21st centuries catastrophic events (World War I, World War II, Chernobyl, World
Trade Centre) were 23, 41, 15 years. It means the idea on global intellects creation maybe will appear belated
via some decades . It is why, first, that fatal errors probabilities and a global scale of their sequels are raising
together with the civilizations military and energy potentials; second, the terrorism is getting more and more global


Possible course of the ideas realization.

1. There turns up an authoritative scientist/philosopher/public or state figure, who realizes the responsibility for civilization survival of
those who are living now before the next generations, and in such degree to be an initiator of whole process.

2. The initiator comes out with an Appeal to intelligentsia, international organizations, businessmen, systemic and networking
programmers, calling them to unite efforts before threats of the very civilization existence and increasing mass
of not-decided civilization problems.

3. After wide discussion in media some TNCs appear, leadership of which have counted that to open better perspectives for
humankind is a way to secure more their own business, moreover that participation in a project of such scale and
meaning is likely to have a commercial profit at present already. Creation of Global Web Resource for Globally Thinking
People is getting then a mighty commercial project.

4. Having involved experts and advisors -- own and invited, -- TNCs have organized the governing core of the project,
giving them a freedom of further personal casting. However this process wont ruin TNCs, since one may be sure that many
representatives of intelligentsia will count for themselves as an affair of prestige to take a part in "the Project for
3rd millennium" as volunteers.

5. The first generation of the projects designers, doing the list of global problems to be decided, shouldnt omit problems
of technique character as well:

A. Wars and war conflicts may be considered as after-effects of peoples inability to negotiate, to find balances of the
negotiating sides interests. A problem: how to optimize the regalement of negotiations after effectiveness and
comfort, at whatever different directed were sides interests?

B. Till now, scientists of humanities know a little about interests, opinions, and ideas of people living on Earth.
A problem: how to organize and realize all-world wide Internet interrogations (referendums) on problems being of
vital importance for the most people, including those currently arising ones?

C. Creative processes used to proceed apart; thinking people show egocentrism, "encycledness" on their own ideas. It is
why, in particular, intelligent people dislike "to gather into a big herd", preferring to belong to any
elitist "clusters".
A problem: to organize and to promote the intellectual forum of civilization as that to be attractive for the
most part of intelligentsia. Reason of it is that detailed and dynamic complexities of problems complex, as well as
their "zeitnotlich" character, need the full mobilization of intellectual forces.

D.   When anthropologists say with sureness that an Australopithecus might successively learn at Cambridge, it is easy to
conclude that there was no selection among human tribes by the mind in last tens of millennia. It is so because
otherwise we should admit that in the production of the human race cleverer individuals had more advantages than
stronger, more aggressive and more sexual attractive ones.  

In other words, human beings with their minds dropped behind of the civilization, though having been created by human
beings. So, we can propose all calamities of human civilization are situated into human heads.
A problem: how to re-build education system so that final-year pupils and students correspond after quality
of thinking to scale and character of changes, having happened in the world in last century?

E. Aggressiveness, as a human property, is in correlation with the evolution “burdenedness” of human mentality what
may be called as shortage of panoramic thinking (SPT) . The more overcome SPT the more brought down
aggressiveness. Of course, pacification in human community, it is good, but psychologists connect with
aggressiveness the very creative human potential.
A problem: to elucidate will a community of panoramic thinking people lose stimuli to create, will they get
unarmed against those aggressive ones.

F. Creation of the civilization of higher secure is the hardest process demanding intellectual efforts of some human
generations. But -- threats are near and real -- necessary some decades maybe will not be "given" to the projects
participants. The only this wont allow them to ignore the eternal dream of people about happiness. A problem:
how, at first in human history, to call and to organize the all-planetary forum "Towards Happy Life on Earth", Internet
one, of course? Having got popular, it will turn out into fundamental sociologic base for the projects sociologists,
giving them new directions of research.


Vladimir Tretiakov texts for the ideas support and explanation:

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2.         Dialogue on Human Civilization:

3.         The three imperatives of Humankinds Survival:

4.         “Take Wider!”:

5.         Shortage of panoramic thinking as an atavism of human civilization:

6.        Panoramic thinking as a scientific notion:


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